my picture 2How I got from point A to point B. It was through the generations that I got each of my talents.   

My father loved traveling. He would purchase a Mobile Travel Guide and be the co-pilot he would let me circle all the places that were free. Hotels where kids would stay, eat free, or at a discount, was always the ticket. Back then the 2 hotels we would stay at mostly was Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson.  My father would always drive at night when we would take long trips. I remember how I would look for either the Star or the Orange Roof of the places. If I was not navigating I was in the best bunk of the car. In the back window. Many nights I would fall asleep watching the stars from the back window.

My mother was the film crew of the trips. She would have her 88mm filming our adventures. As for her picture camera, I don’t know what type of it was because I was too little to remember. All those family movie nights we would sit and watch movies for hours. I still have 22 reels of my mother’s footage. They are slowly working their way to DVDs. Mom was the planner of where we would go. Dad said since she was the one that stayed at home with us kids Mom deserved the bigger break.

My grandmother was the writer of the family. She won awards when she was little in school for penmanship. When I was growing up I would visit her and my grandfather. If it was not a time for her Soap Operas we would sit on the couch and write. She would give me really big words to write down. Then we would have a contest who could make the most words from it. We would also write down who can name all the synonyms. I would also watch her crochet. She would crochet so much that her hands were formed to the what she hold the yarn and hook. She would also have her favorite snack stash of peppermints and cookies. I need a break is it time for a soap opera.

My grandfather would come through the house with his fishing poles. Yeah, soaps are on. I would go fishing and adventure walks with him. We would fish off the pier. Fishing was great until he would take the small fish we caught and make it bait. I couldn’t stand the grinding of their bones. I guess that is why I am not a really be seafood person. As for the walk, those were the best. We would walk the beach and talk about everything. He would tell me about the weather. You don’t need a weatherman to predict it. We would walk the shoreline he would tell me about sand lions, sea turtles and horseshoe crabs. The jetty walks were my favorite. He would tell about how to watch the tides and the things in the ocean. One time we walked on the shoreline and saw a water spout. And you are right we even talked about that too.

     Looking back on life I am so thankful for my superiors giving me the things I love doing in my spare time traveling,  photography, writing and learning.

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