Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBQ & Grill

Every time I drove past this place it was always hopping. It was Thanksgiving week and we were looking for a place to eat for lunch. Bragging on the place from the outside, I thought it was time to go inside. It wasn’t crowded, a table of 6 and us a party of two were the only ones there. I guess with the holidays the place was empty. We sat down and looked around the place it wasn’t really what I expected. They had a bar counter in the front but I don’t think they use it since there were no bar stools. Standing at the front counter I did spot the owner, he was looking at his cell phone. We talked about wondering if he would come by for a meet and greet.

The waitress came by and gave us our menus and took our drink order.  They had a large selection to look at on the menu. I enjoy reading menus. She brought our drinks back ready to take our order but we asked for a few more minutes. When we did decide to order she was nowhere to be found. She was helpful in helping me not to over order on food. The item I was going to get would have fed 2 people.

For an appetizer, we order the corn nuggets. I never had or heard of them before. They were awesome. I loved the powder sugar on them. They were hot and fresh also.  I got the Jumbo Loaded Baked Potato. He chose the brisket with baked beans and 10 buffalo wings. He said the brisket was a little on the dry side and the wings were overcooked. They had different sauces on the table. I tried each one but I don’t know their names because they were not labeled.

Jumbo Loaded Baked Potato Brisket Sandwich and Baked Beans Buffalo Wings

I watch a cook come out and fill the pie and cake rack. The people from the other table asked him a question on the desserts he brought out and he stood their chit-chat for a bit. He was very social.

Cakes and Pies Pies and Cakes Slice of cake

My tea was running low so  I took some of his to finish my dinner. Then I went around and took some pictures. After the waitress finally came and asked if I wanted more tea. I said no but we needed the check. She came back with the check and he paid the bill.

The owner never got around to say hello. I guess he was busy looking at his cell phone now at the back counter. It’s sad that only with a few people in the restaurant you think they would have had time to say hello.

As for the overall. I guess I got my hopes up to high and was let down. The food was average to low and it did not meet with their prices. The service could have been better if they have put the cook out on the floor. As for the owner, socializing would have had a big opportunity. While it was slow he could have keyed in on the likes and dislikes of his guest. I might be back to give it a second chance. Because I really enjoyed the corn nuggets and that is the only thing that might bring me back.

Corn Nuggert


1818 Winfield Dunn Parkway

Sevierville, TN 37876

Phone: 865-429-7771

Fax 865-428-8097

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