“Racing With The Stars” Race 1

Geocaching trackers go to the stars.



Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard and Ellen DeGeneres will be the first of the “Racing with the Stars” Race 1. They each have trackers on geocaching.com. I just started geocaching and I am hooked. I will be releasing them 5-27-2017 at the Geowoodstock XV. I am really looking forward to the event. I will be able to get out and do some photography too. I will be updating on Sunday.

So you’re wondering what will they have to do: Here is their Mission.

“Racing with the Stars”: Race 1


Kristen “Priscilla” Bell- Sloth

Dax “Tom Marshall” Shepard- Canoe Badge

Ellen “Talk Show Host” DeGeneres- Blue Sneaker


To travel around to different places. The race is going to be based on a point scale.

1. 1pt per mile.

2. 5pts per picture.

3. 10pts for a fact about the area.

(1 fact per cache log)

4. 25pts if logged at @gracephotos on Twitter #RacingWithTheStarsRace1

5. 50pts if a picture is made with an exact item as the racers.

(Sloth, Blue Sneaker, Narwhal, Canoe, Bigfoot)

(if you do see a real bigfoot send him my way so I can mark it off my bucket list of things to see.)

The race will last till the next GeoWoodstock.

I will let you know where to return the trackers when it gets closer to that date.

I will be posting on Twitter about the race and highlights.

Keep on the lookout for “Racing With The Stars”: Race 2 coming soon.

 Be Safe and Happy Caching


Now on to write about them.



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