May Day Celebration For Better Posting From Me To You.

Let’s celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. -Plautus

     For starters Happy May Day. This is a celebration from me to you by posting better. Time is a thing that can so easily be lost. I know I have lost so many hours because I didn’t manage my time wisely. You know when this happens. You start a new year look down at a calendar and it’s half way over. That light bulb goes off in your head and you wonder where did the time go. Then, you waste more time on the things you should have done but didn’t. You start planning on how you’re going to do things differently but then go down the same road just to find out you’ve let another six months past.

5-1-2017 Post

     I want to break that habit. I am working on a time management. I want to be able to do the things l love to do, like photography and writing. I am still working on the layout of my blog page and it is getting closer to the way I want it. It will be a simple page. Bells and whistles are nice but they can become a distraction and add more wasted time.

     I mostly love writing early in the morning before I go to work. I have my coffee and the sunrise for inspiration. I have a corner office with windows to look out of into a  field. I see the horses eat the dewy morning grass. Birds singing or eating at the feeders. Yellow buttercups stream like paths. Darkness slowly turns to light as the sun has not yet reached the top of the mountains around me. Listening to soft music helps the flow of words.

     At night it’s completely opposite here. After work, it’s time to have fun when editing my photos. Having a glass of wine while my music volume gets louder to enter the creative mind. Darkness comes quickly in the valley since the sun goes from mountain top to mountain top. As it tucks down in the mountains it goes pitch black except for a few street lamps in the distance. The most spectacular view is the stars in my backyard. They are so clear. The sounds amplify in the night. You can hear the howls of the coyote or the shrieking cries of the foxes. When the full moon comes trees cast their eery skeleton shadows along the dampened ground. Walks at night can clear the mind for rest but also invites many tales to tell.

     More to come with different styles of posts. From what’s trending, to travel, photography, puzzles, reviews and things like that. I have heard people say that you should have a niche. That is very hard for me. I would rather know a little about a lot of things then a lot of one thing.

    Be sure to hook up with my other social medias at the top right. Leave comments/suggestions below. I will use a few on a future post/social media. I will set the posts to go out at 6:00 am EST. There will be some post that will be sent out certain days of the week or month and I will keep you posted on that information.

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