Kristen “Priscilla” Bell

Kristen Bell loves sloths.

You may say she likes them so much that she played Priscilla in the 2016 movie Zootopia. Priscilla works at the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles) and sits beside Flash. Even though it was a short clip it was soooo slow.



But it wasn’t Zootopia that I first saw Kristen in a movie. The first one was a Lifetime TV Movie call Grace’s Choice. It was based on a true story. I thought she did a wonderful job acting.


Gracie's Choice

She has come a long way for that. I loved her in the series Veronica Mars. Where youth and beauty play on her side. At the age of 24, she was playing the role of a teenage high school sleuth. No, and I don’t mean the Nancy Drew type. I am talking about murder, deception, betrayal, emotions run high type and the school has not let out for the summer.


Veronica Mars

Then on to a retreat a Couples Retreat. Where laughter doesn’t fall short. Talking about tight bathing suits. What not Kristen. But you will have to watch because I don’t tell movies.


Couples Retreat


The 1st time I saw Kristen couple with Dax was in When In Rome. I couldn’t help from laughing. They do pair well together.

When In Rome


She is a lady on the go and now with kids in tow. Kristen even defines beauty with her motherhood. She and Dax do flyby on the Ellen Show. They are always out for a good laugh. Look for her and Dax in the movie CHiPs.



She will be a sloth in “Racing With The Stars” Race 1 with Dax and Ellen. Keep a watch out for more Star Races and updates when the race begins. It will start on 5-27-2017 at the GeoWoodstock XV. Here is her tracker.


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