Ellen “Talk Show Host” DeGeneres

Beauty shines from within.

Ellen is a unique person. I guess that is why I gave her the Narwhal Tracker. With her rare flawless beauty. Cover Girl picked a great person. But it is her Ellen Show that makes my day. When I have a bad day and I watch her videos and I just can’t stop laughing. Over and over I pick a video clip to watch, then 3 hours later I might still have tough things to do but my sides are sore because where I have laughed so hard that I got a workout. Beats going to the gym. She has a great cast lined up for each show. Keira Knightly, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt are to name a few. I like when she has Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell on the show. They are true wild cards. My energy level goes high. I can only imagine what it would be like the 3 of them in one room.



I like it how she talks about the families. She puts them first than about the stars work last. Plus if a person can work with their Mom on the set well that is pretty cool with me.

One of Ellen’s talent is that she is fluent in speaking whale. Finding Nemo is when we first met Dory. Then Dory went on and had her own movie Finding Dory.

Finding Nemo



Since Ellen likes blue sneakers I thought it would only be fit for her is the Blue Sneaker and a Narwhal for is gracefulness and beauty in the ocean. (Sorry didn’t have a blue tang tracker.) in “Racing With The Stars” Race 1 with Dax and Kristen. Keep a watch out for more Star Races and updates when the race begins. It will start on 5-27-2017 at the GeoWoodstock XV. Here is her tracker.


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