Dax Shepard “Tom Marshall” Shepard

Dax…Well he’s Dax 




I first saw Dax in Without A Paddle. (I like Seth Green) but then I like Dax too. It was a very funny movie. I love the scene with the Dogs(Rottweilers). I couldn’t stop laughing.


Without a Paddle (2004)

The I saw him in When In Rome. He flashes his body. LoL. WooHoo.

When In Rome


He also made a flyby of Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell. And now with the new movie CHiPs.

Veronica Mars










Dax has a canoe badge. Row Row Row you boat. and my favorite Bigfoot Tracker. in “Racing With The Stars” Race 1 with Ellen and Kristen. Keep a watch out for more Star Races and updates when the race begins. It will start on 5-27-2017 at the GeoWoodstock XV. Here is his tracker.


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