It’s Element-ary” Answers 7-6-2017

It’s Element-ary See if you can find the chemical elements hidden in this puzzle by their symbol name.

May Day Celebration For Better Posting From Me To You.

Let’s celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. -Plautus

Emails that I have styled for Imaging Technology Consultants (ITC).

These were for champaign webinars.                               These two were used in a Lunch and Learn at … Continue Reading →


                  Over the years of employment, I’ve learned different types of businesses. I am a Jane of all trades. I have work … Continue Reading →

Certification Year 2014-2015

These are certificates that I have received from the courses. It is a wide spectrum of styles of classes. I like keeping a open mind. I truly enjoy learning a … Continue Reading →


How I got from point A to point B. It was through the generations that I got each of my talents.    My father loved traveling. He would purchase a … Continue Reading →