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Communities are like ripples in a pond. That is what the City of Luttrell did to help their Local Volunteer Fire Department. Mayme and Jody got the ball rolling. The Luttrell Bluegrass Festival (now called Luttrell Music Festival) was on its way now in its 7th year. The Festival will go on rain or shine and yes they have played in the rain.

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It was a beautiful end to a summer morning. A slight breeze carried the smell of barbecue burgers and hot dogs cooked by the fire department. It made for a great entrance for the start of the day. There was a veggie booth that prepared deep fried vegetables. Uncle Butch BBQ was there with BBQ sandwiches and ice tea.

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Craft vendors were setting up to show their wares from designed jewelry that catches the eye, to custom style bird houses for your feather friends. There were even wine bottles that were turned into unique crafted cheese platters, wall plaques, and lamps from D’Vine Inspirations.

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Moving forward and up the hill, you head towards the stage. The sound of the instruments tuning up getting ready to play. Each group that played showed many talents. Some of the highlights were Chris Muncey last year’s winner of the Young Musicians Competition. Things were going good and then the sound went out. What he did next shows how he enjoys sharing his music. He got off the stage and came out to the audience and played. Ciderville came with an unusual talent. Chicken Man that appeared on the Jay Leno strutted his stuff while singing and an amazing 14-year-old girl that can yodel. Robinella songs were made for those end of summer blues with a hint of autumn in the air. Her voice draws you in and you hang on every word. Valerie Smith her high energy personality comes out in her songs. It was hard to stay still.

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There is lots of stuff for the kids to do from face painting, jumping in a Sponge Bob bounce house, playing at the playground, taking a walk to burn off energy. But there are times to slow down and take a nap.

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The Young Musicians Competition.

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Then you also have the car show there to show off your wheels.

When a community host an event it is the ripples that bring the other communities to join in and help. There were so many different areas like Knoxville, Powell, Bell Buckle and Sevierville coming to Luttrell for a day of toe tapping, hand clapping, and good times. Through good times and hard times communities do pull together.

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